The Ohio Bridge Partnership Program (OBPP) provides Federal funds to counties and municipalities for roadway bridge replacement projects. A funding limit of $1 million per project has been established. ODOT will provide 100% of eligible costs for construction only (including construction engineering, i.e. testing and inspection), up to the specified funding limit. The local entity is responsible for all costs associated with preliminary engineering, environmental studies and documents, final design and right of way.

The project solicitation process will begin April 1st of each year, and close May 15th. This annual solicitation process will be for a rolling four-year program (i.e. April 2020 solicitation will be for the FY 2024 program year). The application form will be made available, and must be completed and submitted on-line through the Office of Local Programs’ website.

The program guidance document, as well as the application link can be found at:

For questions or more information, contact:

Jeff Peyton

(614) 466-2032

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